no national party, no agenda, just what is best for the people.

I am Tim Harrold, and I am working to be Governor of Oregon because I believe the 2 party electorate system is ruining Oregon. I am running as an independent, unaffiliated candidate so that I will work only for the people of Oregon, without owing allegiance or obedience to a national political party.

When was the last time you felt truly represented by your government? Over the past several decades the 2 parties have evolved our political system into a predictable cycle- each election we are presented with candidates belonging to the 2 most powerful parties, who make promises to the people, then serve their own interests instead. Each time, they promise they will be different, but Oregon continues to suffer. If you have been disappointed by the broken promises, if you’re tired of feeling under-represented, then you know that it’s time to elect people, not politicians.

The Important Issues Facing Our State:


I was born in Hayward, California and we moved around the Bay Area for the first 10 years of my life including a 2 year stop in San Antonio, Texas. Being the son of an Alabama farm boy working hard to make his way in the computer industry in California in the 70s and 80s was not easy. We finally settled in Morgan Hill, California which is in the southern Bay Area in Silicon Valley. Sounds glamourous! Not really…we had a few acres for a while, and I had to tend to rabbits, chickens, pigs, and other animals my parents wanted to get. But its where I developed my work ethic, tending to animals before and after school, cleaning the barn and stalls on the weekends. I was relieved when we moved into the city! But by that time, I had discovered weightlifting and sports and had traded one type of manual labor for another. I became a 3-sport athlete. Like a lot of people, I went to college after high school, but it just was not what I was looking to do. No matter how hard I worked at it my passion for college just was not there even though I was playing football. With my heart not in it I decided to take my work ethic and look for my career. I started working in security to work toward a career in law enforcement. In true fashion my dad’s job had moved him and my mom to North Carolina. I moved to North Carolina to take advantage of a great job market for law enforcement in the early 1990’s and within a few months got hired as a police officer. Everything was going according to plan…until…I met this woman from Oregon, my wife Kelly. A man from California and a woman from Oregon had to go all the way to North Carolina to meet but I would have traveled across the globe for her. We were married in 1996 and decided when we had kids, we would raise them in Oregon. In September 1998 we left North Carolina and moved to Oregon. I decided to not return to law enforcement and concentrated on making a career in security. Its an industry you succeed one of two ways; have a degree, take a bunch of tests for certificates or work hard, learn everything from the ground up, learn to work with people in every walk of life and situation and do that for many years! Me, I did not have a degree just a giant work ethic, the ability to adapt and be a leader! It taught me skills and gave me the opportunity to work as a football and weightlifting coach. Through my profession, my coaching and other endeavors I have been able to give back to others and help improve lives and communities.

While the biography above tells you the story of who I am it does not get into the struggles along the way. I have been a working person my whole life. My wife and I had the struggles like many of you as we both had to work to afford to live while raising a family. We understand the struggle of being so poor that you must juggle bills and wonder about how much you have for groceries all while not qualifying for any assistance because you make too much. Having to rely on overtime or picking up a second job to make ends meet. But you do it, you work hard, you make it with the hope that one day things will get better. We did that for years, more than I would have liked. I want to take all this experience into the Governor’s office and work for you because I understand. Struggle knows no race, no gender and does not care how old you are. ITS TIME TO ELECT PEOPLE, NOT POLITICIANS.

People have asked me the same question; “What is your background in politics?”

I tell them none and they get confused. “If you have no experience, how are you qualified?” Look at the state of our political system and the state of our government. You know who built the mess we have? People with years, even decades, of experience and high-level degrees. They read things in books, take tests, and only have experience at high levels. They are trying to solve problems on levels they have no experience with.

To be effective in governing a state you need to have a particular set of skills. There are the obvious skills of management and leadership, we all know that is necessary to succeed. We hope a candidate has developed those skills before they get to the office. But there are other more rounded skills a lot of Governors lack that we have witnessed in our recent history and that is active listening, proactive forecasting and collaborative problem solving.

My career in the security field has covered 27 years and been in a great range of situations to currently being a manager. Of those 27 years over 22 years of those have been in supervision and management. I learned my profession and craft from the bottom up as boots on the ground, not taking tests. While I went to college, I never finished my degree, my true education in leadership and management was in the real world dealing with real situations. It was working with people in bad situations or employees in human conditions that required a leader who could both help them and the company. As a manager I was always asked to take the tasks or places or companies that had issues and needed to be corrected and moved in the right direction. I did not do that by force or cleaning house, I did that by actively listening, working with people to come up with solutions and implementing long-term working processes to help things succeed.

As your Governor I plan to bring this same approach to your government. We need to actively listen to the people, not just special interests, or the small groups. It is important to protect those that need help and to make sure people with less equity have a voice but not at the expense of drowning out the voices of everyone else. We will approach moving Oregon forward with balance for all people. ITS TIME TO ELECT PEOPLE, NOT POLITICIANS.