The Issues


Elect people not politicians

Look at the state of our political system and our government. You know who built the mess we have? Career politicians with lots of “experience". Read more about me.

Police Reform

I am a supporter of law enforcement and I used to be a police officer, but I do know things need to change. Read more about how I plan to fix this for our state.


Let’s just be real, we’ll never solve homelessness, but we can make a big difference on how we handle it. Read more on how I plan to fight homelessness.


One of the most important aspects to any community is its education system. If the schools aren’t effective in educating the next generations of citizens, then the communities will not succeed. Read more about my education plan.

Our two party system has created a division that cannot be healed from within that system. This division affects us all- it’s time for a change.

I am Tim Harrold, and I am working to be Governor of Oregon. I am running as an independent with no party affiliation.

  • ✔25 years of leadership experience
  • ✔Strong work ethic
  • ✔Proactive in forecasting
  • ✔No party affiliation
  • ✔Active listening skills
  • ✔Problem solver
  • ✔A citizen, not a politician

Join us, and let’s get it done.

Working together we can make a difference
The politicians promise to be different and tell us change is coming but we have the same mess and worse than we had when I first arrived in Oregon in 1998. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. It’s time for a change- let’s work together for a different result.

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